A team initiative with plans to start in Asia, Korea to be specific. I came up with the name of Promised Cargo, from the awaited second coming of John Frum savior of the cargo cults of the Pacific islands. Promised Cargo name hinted our goal for the perfect international delivery logistics platform. In a nutshell Promised Cargo is a Stripe meets Fedex for international  e-commerce. We had a clear ultimate goal, what to do in between and how to get there was the issue, the product changed in scope and milestones, depending on what we saw possible from a finance, business and technical standpoint. But at least from a purely design perspective it I had some objectives pretty clear.


The brand was to be easy, simple, joyful, basically the complete opposite of international online shopping nowadays. A similar philosophy was applied to the visual language developed for the service.




I was aware and afraid of the humongous cultural gap between me and Korea. I didn't want the app to be korean-also, I wanted korean-first. I tried to learn as much as possible, from asia, how different they treated density, typography, empathy, the input method!




One thing that was obvious to me was how much character the Eastern designs have. So it felt natura for me to create my Moji mood rating. I was betting on removing friction by replacing the submit button with the rating itself. All in React.js making the popup come and go effortlessly.




Cargo grouping was something I didn't have on my original specs, we found out it would improve our solution on the business end. I had to go back to the drawing board, although I could've hack it as an afterthought, that is exactly what you should never do, that's why doing your homework well before defining pixels it's so important. But it swift change happens, just be careful how you approach the new problem.




The final design for the dashboard looked for something that informed the status in the most clean way possible. Shipping selection becomes shipping status, to end up being delivery date and delivery rating once the product has been delivered.  Among other niceties.