The first team initiative with Apptronomy after our failed partnerships, there were five of them, a story for another time. One of those was Tansler, also showcased in this little portfolio. Although we never got to write a single line of code I did get pretty far along with the design, this project was unique in several ways, for one it was the first venture where we had complete control, it was ours.

    We love cars, the manufacturer websites do a great job at showcasing them, but not so marketplaces, only after it's latest update became a decent website, but for the most part we are talking about the worst websites you could find. We have one goal already in place with our reverse auction pitch (which I had to simplified), but I add two more objectives, make a desirable design, and streamlined the search. For the Search I have a nice post on Medium about it. For the visual language and brand I took a pretty unusual approach, although usually I'm a big proponent of invisible design principles, Moto Vouch was stark, bold, a visual language looking to make a statement. Starting with it's logomark the Ruby Volt...




With a streamlined and if I had to say it myself a pretty badass intuitive dynamic search system, my next step was to make people enjoy looking into many many vehicles, I tapped into the pinterest pin layout for the results for maximum engagement, it was though to ditch some form of pagination which was pretty much present on every car marketplace. How much info, what info and actions to allow on the cards was the hardest thing to get right., even today more than a year later I'm still not sure if I got it right.




Mind the importance of not just doing your homework but doing the hard work as well. Meaning that before my stark Moto Vouch visual language I itinerate both for me and with my team to get it right, I even had it pretty wrong at some point...




I was bugged by how ugly the database pictures of dealerships were, so in favor of showcasing the vehicles in the best shape possible so you were able to focus on the car itself, I convinced the team to allow me to use custom photos and bury the dealer cars deeper once you settled on the car. Car driven decision over dealer decision (or even worse dealer-photo decision). Speaking of redesign, a funny thing happened, they have a similar approach on their new website, so it seems my original thesis was onto something.

But I went all-in with the detailed view, basically showcasing the vehicle like someone who really likes the vehicle instead of someone that just want to shove it into your face. Empathy and polish were the most important objectives for this section before handing you over to the dealership photos (and dealers themselves).




They key component of our pitch, the reverse auction were you bring the price down and put the dealers to bid for you as a client instead, changed the most and that's where I spend the most part. I thought of adjusting each car individually, among many things, but considering it was such a new approach I verged towards the simplest approach possible.




This are all the cars you added to your Lot (it felt weird to call it cart), the red bar on top dials the price up and down, internally each dealer has their own minimum threshold, if you cross it that car won't enter your Auction, so be sure up to which point you'll bring your price down.

All there's to show from this dead project is the Landing Page.