– Moto Vouch –

[ Reverse auction startup ]


    The first team initiative with Apptronomy after our failed partnerships, there were five of them, a story for another time. Although we never got to write a single line of code I did get pretty far along with the design, this project was unique in several ways, for one it was the first venture where we had complete control, it was ours.

    We have one goal already in place with our reverse auction pitch (which I had to simplified), but I add two more objectives, make a desirable design, and streamlined the search. For the Search I have a nice post on Medium about it. For the visual language and brand I took a pretty unusual approach, although usually I'm a big proponent of invisible design principles, Moto Vouch was stark, bold, a visual language looking to make a statement. Starting with it's logomark the Ruby Volt.