– GoPato –

[ Costa Rican Startup ]


The second time I did product design for my oldest brother (a 40 under 40 entrepreneur in Costa Rica). His original idea was a Postmates kinda app, the issue I brought him was the database work required to lift an app like that, and the fact that he didn't have any developers in house (his plan was to outsource the development). So how do you make a Postmates with no data? Instead I brought up the idea of merging a concept like Path Talk Places with some delivery Patos, basically becoming your personal assistant in the full sense, not only giving you info and solutions from a call center, but also making pick ups and deliveries for you.

   A couple of years later GoPato acquired by a Costa Rican corporation, I came back as Product Director, my main task building a product team. A big chunk of the methodologies that our team has — performance reviews, 1 on 1s, meetings, team values — are designed with the goal of creating enough safe space to remove your professional mask, and reveal our true self as it is, venture in finding wholeness both individually and collectivelly. For the system to work, it has been absolutely necessary to proctect the recruitment process. Only designers willing to lower their ego in favor of a common goal, where collaboration is the backbone of the design process.

  I kickstarted the Design System, the initial iconography and from there we maintained it as a team effort. What you’ll see below are snippets of projects or parts of projects where I was able to contribute personally.