After my late fail venture I was unable to get enough clients to close some months, at the same time my engineer brother was planning to leave the family business because of burnout. So we decide to risk things a bit and we decide to throw a designer as project manager of their main project, a 1600 unit community development. Armed with only my design thinking and experience working with lean methodologies I took charge of whatever was thrown in front of me and I started studying books about urbanism and architecture for good measure.


At some point I gave some direction to the marketing team; I've made the original brand they had, after pushing for a change of philosophy in the organization a brand refresh was put in place to reflect the new direction; I partner up with my architect brother on some designs, focusing on the user, and the use of space; and I took an special interest in aluminum form design which pose an engineer challenge similar to what I'm used to solve on software but this was construction hardware. All those were basically (not small) side projects I had here and there while focusing my forces on managing a nearly a 100 head team implementing some lean construction practices.


It all worked out thanks to the trust I had on the production team and the head contractors, the key was to bolster collaboration and communication and empower the team to take ownership. It was quite a journey for me.