Adelante desarrollos


    This project posed quite a challenge, since it is the family business. Previously known after our last name Navarro, it got reset in many ways, but when I arrived it didn't got a name, there was a lack of identity and I was told not to use our last name for the brand. So how do you bring back a family company identity without the last name? My solution was to bring back an old saying of my late grandpa: "Always Forward", that's how I came up with the name Forward Developments (but in spanish.

    As for the brand itself, I got to the final design pretty quickly, I played with different options but it was hard to beat this first draft in which I cut the forward icon used on music devices to create some perception of ground, giving you not only the sense of forwarding but also the feeling of a building.

    Although initially it had a less saturated palette to convey experience I had to come to a middle ground since my father always wants things to pop and standout, I suggested using red but it wasn't well received by my architect brother since I expose him my reasoning behind the green color. My final design was to create more contrast from the initial colors, long gone the dark grey and the subtle green, hello to pure black and neon green.


Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 1.58.30 PM.png

Fast forward 2 years I felt it was needed to have a revisit of the logo not because the design felt dated but because the company has evolved and the brand simply didn't reflect the new direction the company is taking. Forward Developments not only build houses, our focus is to build communities, walkable cities we are a weird mixture of private developers with a collective sense of urbanism at a human scale.

The new brand keeps the sense of moving forward, but also feels more organic, more human the logotype also has its own identity with a little nod to the forward movement and with a tiny organic dot at the end.

Adelante Visual.png