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Bottom navigation

I started with this paradigm a couple of years ago, but on my latest startup it took wings (that search up top that you see can be pulled to search). It came with the new redesign so I got no particular data of how strong of an impact bottom tools bring. But I got some validation with Google doing just that on Pie, Gmail comes with bottom navigation and so is the new app Tasks.


Smart Search

This project is 4 years old. So it was before ML became a buzzword but yeah it basically is applying it to search so it understands what it can be a Coupe or a Sedan that it Volvo and Audio and smart enough to suggest me a BMW after that.


Checkbox Alert Hint

Read above :)

Circa 2013


Weeks and Days scroller

This old as time. But I wanna highlight it because it's the same interaction we are doing for the Super Market feature at GoPato.

This is one prime example of things that could've been more complicated but end up being a more fluid solution.


Drag n drop

At the time we had to build our own drag and drop framework. What I'm must proud of this solution was how complicated it was before. I feel warm and fuzzy inside when we make a leap in usability.


Previous Channel

This one go a couple of things going. The little ball that appear from movement, the menu ring, but the what I want to highlight is once you press the recents the previous app appears near the cursor. It soon became users favorite shortcut according to their reviews :)


Home Breaker

Just a nice 3D visualization of your future house.


Group notifications.

This little video it's what got me up to Facebook. The key interaction I want to highlight is the press and hold a notification to group all the ones from that app. Which I believe is a new feature that's coming to one  major OS.


Bonus point: My music library has it's own visual system :)